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Cam Newton No Surgery

In our previous blog post, we promised that we would follow Cam Newton’s Lisfranc injury closely. I am back to report that Mr. Cam Newton will not be getting surgery for his injury.

Cam Newton is the star quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton led the Carolina Panthers to compete in the NFL Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton’s talents have recently been sidelined after hurting his foot during practice. A thorough medical examination concluded that Cam Newton suffered from a Lisfranc injury, which means an injury to the ligaments and bones in the mid-region of his foot. 

Reports say that Cam Newton has not shown any progress in healing, thus sought a second opinion. However, despite his wishes for a speedy recovery, Cam Newton still does not have an expected return date. His second medical workup had advised him against surgical treatment. 

Here at Foot & Ankle Doctors, inc., we hope Mr. Cam Newton is receiving proper instructions on conservative treatment for his foot injury. Lisfranc injuries are complex given that they involve multiple bones, ligaments, and joints. Physical therapy must be performed carefully to avoid overstressing the injury. 

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