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Coronavirus; Covid-19

The public health of our entire world has been in a state of frenzy as of late due to the new found virus known as Covid-19. Covid-19 is a new strand of Coronavirus that currently does not have a vaccine or proven treatment. Infection and subsequent death rates have been increasing in different countries around the world. In some countries, like Italy, the death rate has been growing exponentially to the point of healthcare exhaustion. Other countries, like France and Germany, have been combatting the situation by placing themselves in a nationwide lockdown. 

Panic has long since reached the United States with top officials canceling and banning mass gatherings. The NBA, MLB, and many other professional sports have already suspended their season. Companies and schools have dismissed their employees and students respectively. Here at Foot and Ankle Doctors, Inc., located in Beverly Hills, California, we worry about the safety of our patients and community too. 

World renowned infectious disease and public health physician, Dr. Tom Frieden, reviews important Covid-19 details that we believe everyone should know. We recommend our patients review his words of advice in this article here. Aside from knowing the symptoms of the disease (dry cough and fever), we recommend understanding the disease’s route of transmission as well. Detailed information on how to avoid contracting the new Coronavirus can be found here. The most important thing to know is to boost sanitation efforts such as washing your hands thoroughly and to avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Our office remains open to our patients, although we urge everyone to stay home if they are experiencing any signs of illness whatsoever. Social distancing is critical at this time in order to mitigate the pandemic crisis. Though if you are without flu or cold-like symptoms and would like medical care and attention for your feet or ankles, then please visit us in our office. You can make an appointment by calling 1-310-652-3668. We are a comprehensive Podiatry Group in Southern California who can readily treat all foot and ankle conditions. 

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