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Rodney Hood Achilles

In today’s sports medicine news, our attention is brought to the Portland Trail Blazers. Unfortunately, our news today is of Portland’s trail being torched by injury. We love to follow and support the health of our NBA players and regret to hear about Rodney Hood rupturing his Achilles tendon in Friday’s game between the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers. While we were certainly rooting for our hometown heroes, the Los Angeles Lakers, we still wish no ill will towards any of our opponents. 

In the athletic clash between the Lakers and Trail Blazers on Friday, Rodney Hood went up for a rebound and came down landing on his left foot with his toes pulled up and towards his shins. This position of the lower extremity places his Achilles tendon in maximum tension. The sudden load from the quickness of his jump with the full weight of his body upon landing ultimately tested the integrity of his Achilles to a misfortunate conclusion. 

From our extensive experience, we know that given Rodney Hood’s age and athletic ability, he will likely undergo surgery as soon as possible so that he can begin his long road through rehabilitation to recovery. This is truly the best advice coming from yours truly, the largest and most comprehensive Podiatry group in Beverly Hills, California. 

We hope that Rodney Hood’s Achilles injury has been tended to properly thus far. For anyone experiencing Achilles tendon pain or problems, please call us at 1-310-652-3668 to schedule a visit today. Please continue to enjoy your Holiday Season!

Duke’s Cassius Stanley left leg injury

Duke freshman Cassius Stanley is out indefinitely after suffering what coach Mike Krzyzewski called a muscular injury in his left leg during a victory over Winthrop on Friday night.” – ESPN reports.

We’ve been talking a lot about professional sports here at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc., though please know we care about everyone. From professional to intercollegiate to regular members in our community all around– we want the best foot and ankle health for all.

Hearing about Cassius Stanley’s injury worries us a muscular injury can vary in severity depending on its location and degree. Let’s not forget ex- Golden State Warrior, now Brooklyn Net’s Kevin Durant’s leg injury that turned into a complete Achilles tendon rupture.

A proper medical analysis complete with physical examination and anatomical imaging is warranted to properly assess Duke’s Cassius Stanley leg injury.

For persons in the Southern California area, specifically in Los Angeles, we open our office doors to all with problems regarding the foot and ankle. Podiatry is our world. Our highly trained physicians practice in assessment, conservative and surgical treatment of all ailments that pertain to the lower extremity. If you are looking for a Podiatrist in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area, please call us at 1-310-652-3668 to be seen today! Thank you, and we wish everyone a lovely holiday season. 

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