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Bunions are fun for no one.

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that you’ve enjoyed yourself whilst surrounded by love ones. We notice that many people have been enjoying lots of holiday parties as of late. Good for you if this includes you! Though if you are anything like my mother, then often times you come home complaining about a very specific foot pain in regards to… bunions!

What is a bunion for the lucky individuals who don’t know? A bunion is a bony bump found on the top of your foot near your big toe. It is a problem when the bony bump protrudes or over grow, often causing superficial pain of the skin that covers it.

A common cause and aggravator of bunions are tight and narrow shoes. Think heels! Thus, those who suffer from bunions tend to be older, adult females who have adapted to wearing tight and narrow shoes for most of their lives. However, bunions can easily be found outside of this demographic as well, due to other causes dealing with inherited bone structure, applied physical stresses, or medical conditions such as arthritis.

Bunion symptoms are generally pain and discomfort localized to the area of the bony bump. You can have swelling, redness, and soreness. Your skin may develop corns or calluses. Your big toe may have reduced mobility.

Here at our office, we are happy to treat bunions of all shapes and sizes. Conservative and surgical options are available to our patients depending on the severity of the bunion and the comfort levels of the patient. We encourage you to make an appointment with us today if your bunion adds inconveniences in your day such as: pain, discomfort, unable to fit shoes, hard to move your big toe, or the bony bump is simply too large for your preference. Call us at 1-310-652-3668 at any time!

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