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Permanent Nail Removal

If you suffer from recurrent ingrown toenails or thick painful nails, come talk to one of our physicians at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc to discuss a permanent nail removal. Toenail removal can be partial, complete or permanent. With permanent removal the matrix that causes the nail to grow is removed or destroyed. Chemical cauterization involves cutting the desired amount of nail off and applying phenol or sodium hydroxide to the nail matrix. The chemical acts as a cauterization and destroys the matrix forming scar tissue preventing nail from growing back.  If chemical cauterization is not successful, the matrix is removed surgically. This involves surgically creating a skin flap at the base of the nail to access the nail matrix for removal. The flap is then sutured and the nail bed is allowed to heal.

After surgical removal of the matrix, the nail plate will not grow back. The body will produce hard-thickened skin in place of the nail. When the skin covering has developed and healed, normal activities can be resumed. Some women choose to paint over their thickened skin with polish to resemble a nail.

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