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What is a neuroma?

What is a neuroma? “-Neur” is root for nerve and “-oma” is root for swelling or tumor.

Neuroma is a benign over growth of nerve tissue. Neuromas commonly occur in the interspace between the 3rd and 4th toe and are referred to as a Morton’s Neuroma.

Overgrowth of the nerve in the small interspace leads to compression in that area creating pain and irritation. Symptoms include a tingling, burning or numbing sensation, and pain in the ball of the foot.

Shoes are the culprits when it comes to neuromas, especially high heeled shoes or shoes that cause the toes to be squished together. With repeated irritation the nerves become swollen and inflamed leading to the development of a neuroma.

Treatment options for neuromas include: cortisone injections, sclerosing injections, custom orthotics, shoe modifications, padding, and in severe cases surgical removal.

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