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Toenail Fungus

Our staff at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc. understand that toenail fungus is an embarrassing problem. It can lead to thickened brittle yellow discolored nails that may be painful. Fungal nails are also referred to as onychomycosis and are caused by microscopic fungi, yeasts and molds. A sample of the infected nail should be taken and sent to a lab to determine the causative agent. There are a variety of treatment options available, however fungal infections are difficult to treat and can return after treatment has finished.

The different treatment options include:

 Oral medications – required to be taken for 6-12 weeks

 Topical nail lacquer – can be used twice a day for up to 4 weeks, but is often ineffective in severe cases

Laser therapies – involve multiple sessions to achieve clearance

We will help you determine the best course of action to treat your toenail infection. It is advised during treatment to discard old shoes, which may house fungi and use antifungal spray or powder to prevent reinfection.


Dr. Dardashti

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