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David Nwaba Achilles

Sad to report that David Nwaba of the Brooklyn Nets suffered an Achilles tendon injury this previous Thursday. Although this injury is in no way a contagious condition, one can’t help but link David Nwaba’s injury to Brooklyn Nets’ other player, Kevin Durant. Although David Nwaba was showing that he could play extremely well when given time on the court, he is now out for the rest of the season. Recovery for an Achilles tendon injury is roughly nine months to one year. This timeline means that David Nwaba likely won’t play until late this year in 2020. Brooklyn Nets is reported to likely part ways with David Nwaba to clear space for the roster.

As expected, David Nwaba underwent surgery to repair his Achilles tendon. Someone of his health, age, and athletic condition is recommended for such treatment. Following surgery, he will follow extensive physical therapy to guide his Achilles tendon towards proper recovery. The Achilles tendon is a complex ligament located in the back of the ankle and helps us in a large variety of movements. As per our usual well-wishing, we hope David Nwaba recovers smoothly. May the Brooklyn Nets avoid another Achilles injury for the rest of this season.

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