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Antonio Brown Frenzy and Feet

In the whirlwind news of professional sports, the latest buzz circles around NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown. Once a promising aspect for your fantasy football draft, Antonio Brown now renders himself a dramatic liability. 

What is the deal with Antonio Brown anyway? Why the drama at all?

Getting into fights with his general manager, refusing to wear the sanctioned helmets, and harming his own feet? The headlines involving Antonio Brown has indeed been bizarre.

As podiatrists keen on helping today’s relevant population, our attention immediately zoomed into Antonio Brown when we first heard about his cryotherapy accident that left his feet to look like this… (Warning: Image may gross you out.) 

The story was that Antonio Brown was noncompliant in wearing the proper protection for his feet, ultimately causing his superficial dermal layers to die via frostbite. Essentially, this injury was self-inflicted.

Many people these days look into cryotherapy as a procedure to physiologically improve their bodies from injuries or various muscular ailments. While it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat any diagnosis, it has been theorized to affect the circulation in our bodies. Its properties are similar to the effects of icing a recent injury.

In podiatry, we often instruct patients to ice areas of inflammation to reduce the swelling and propel the healing. However, we always emphasize that it is important to never directly apply the ice to the skin. Had Antonio Brown been our patient, we would’ve instructed him clearly on these matters.

Well, such is life and football! Seeing as how Antonio Brown has been released from the Oakland Raiders and is now in contract with the Patriots of New England, we’ll continue to observe his well being by watching his performance on the field.

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