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Syndesmosis Injury

Pistons backup guard, Spencer Dinwiddie is expected to be out until early March with an ankle sprain according to reports by CBS Sports.  A syndesmosis injury is common with an excess twisting motion of the ankle. It doesn’t sound like Dinwiddie is suffering from a syndesmosis injury, but it is something to consider with ankle injuries.

The syndesmosis is composed of three ligaments that provide stability to the ankle joint. These ligaments can become stretched, torn or detached if the ankle bones are broken.  If an individual is unable to bear weight on their ankle it could be a sign of a syndesmotic injury.

At  Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc we check the integrity of the syndesmosis by performing provocative clinical exams such as the Squeeze test and the external rotation stress test.  Radiographs, CT and MRI imaging can be used to detect syndesmotic injuries if clinical examinations are positive for an injury.  Non-weight bearing in a CAM boot or cast for 2-4 weeks can treat syndesmosis injuries non-operatively. Operative treatment options depend on the type of syndesmotic injury but include: screw fixation, and tightrope fixation.

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