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Will Telfer Perform After Recovering from Lisfranc Injury

Tight end, Randall Telfer for the Cleveland Browns was placed on the reserve list. We are hopeful he has recovered from his Lisfranc injury back in December.

A Lisfranc injury involves the joints and ligaments in the middle of the foot. A simple fall or twisting motion of the foot can tear the ligaments at the joint of the midfoot. There are three types of Lisfranc injuries, which can occur in combination:

  • Sprain: ligaments that connects the metatarsal to the tarsal bones in the midfoot can be stretched (sprained) or torn leading to instability
  • Fracture: Ligaments connects bone to bone. In some cases the force of the injury can cause the ligament to avulse a piece of bone resulting in a midfoot fracture
  • Dislocation: The bones of the Lisfranc joint become unstable and buckle or shift out of place

Telfer tried treating his injury conservatively and postponed surgery until February. The goal of surgical treatment is to adequately realign the joints and return the broken bone fragment(s) to a normal position. The bones are reduced and held in correct alignment with plates or screws. In severe cases where the joint cannot be reduced back to its original position, a fusion of the bones is recommended so the bones heal into a single, solid piece.

After surgery, Patients are non-weight bearing for 6 to 8 weeks in a cast or boot. Weight bearing commences once the x-rays reveal proper bone healing.

Out staff at Foot& Ankle Doctors, Inc hope Telfer can return to the field without further injuries.

Dr. Nejad

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