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My Bone Is Not Healing

Any time a bone is fractured, whether due to injury or for a surgical procedure there is a chance it may not heal. A diagnosis of delayed union is made when a fracture has not advanced at an average rate of healing for that particular type of fracture or osteotomy. On average it takes bone 3-6 months to heal. A nonunion diagnosis is established after 8 months if bone healing has ceased. Both delayed union and nonunion are due to variable factors such as:

  • Poor nutritional status
  • Increased activity levels
  • Tobacco use
  • Inadequate fixation
  • Impaired blood supply

Non-unions are classified into two categories based on the viability of the fracture ends. Hypertrophic or hypervascular non-unions have viable bone ends that are capable of healing. Atrophic or avascular non-unions have non-viable ends.

Treatment options for delayed unions include immobilization in a cast or CAM boot with the use of electrical bone stimulators to aid in promotion of new bone growth. Non-unions require a surgery to remove the devascularized bone ends. Once the dead ends are resected, a bone graft can be used to maintain the length of the bone. Immobilization and use of a bone stimulator will be utilized for 4 to 6 months.

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Dr. Nejad


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