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Giants Tight End Fells Tackled by Small Bug

New York Giants tight end, Daniel Fells may loose his foot after suffering from a serious MRSA infection. MRSA is a type of staphylococcus infection that is resistant to methiciliin antibiotics. It is a common superbug and is contagious spreading from one person to another. The Giants have taken precaution to prevent the spread of the bug to other players by complying with infection-control protocols. MRSA can enter through a break in the skin barrier causing infection that may enter the bloodstream and affect major organs or bones.

Fells reportedly received a cortisone injection for a toe injury that may have inoculated the bacteria into his body. Anytime a foreign object such as a needle is placed into the body, there is a risk of infection. The risk is low, but there is always a risk. Fell has undergone multiple surgeries to stop the infection and save his foot. If the infection has spread to the blood, Fells will need a course of IV antibiotics.

MRSA often presents as a skin infection and can be mistaken for a pimple or spider bite. The skin will become red, swollen, painful to the touch, and filled with pus. It may be accompanied by a fever, and has the potential to become a life-threatening infection if left untreated.

All of us at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc. wish Fells a full recovery.

Dr. Nejad

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