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Pediatric Clubfoot

Every 1 in 1,000 births a child is born with a clubfoot, which can be devastating to parents. Pediatric clubfoot is curable and if the deformity is corrected early, children born with clubfoot are indistinguishable from other children with normal feet.


What is Clubfoot?


Clubfoot occurs when a child’s foot is turned inwards and the heel points downwards. In 50% of cases the deformity can occur in both feet. The calf muscles of the affected side are smaller than normal. Clubfoot is a congential deformity, meaning the child is born with the condition.




 Clubfoot is most often idiopathic (no apparent cause)


 Associated with genetic syndromes and birth defects


 Result from a neuromuscular disorder




The “Ponseti” casting method is the preferred method for treating pediatric clubfoot. Treatment should begin within the first month of life for best results. The child’s foot is manipulated into the correct position through a serious of casting. 6-8 leg casts are applied every 5-7 days to slowly correct the deformity overtime. In some cases a small cut may be made to the heel cord to release contracture of the Achilles tendon. After the casting series is completed a special brace is required to be worn during naps and at night until the age of 4.


Clubfoot is visible at birth and can be detected by fetal ultrasound. If your child has been diagnosed with clubfoot come see us at Foot& Ankle Doctors, Inc for more information.


Dr. Dardashti

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