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Tarsal Coalition In Children

If your child is complaining of foot or ankle pain that is unexplained by an injury come see us at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc where our physicians will examine for a tarsal coalition. Tarsal bones are bones located in the middle of the foot, the heel and the ankle. A tarsal coaltion occurs when there is an abnormal connection between two or more of these bones. This condition is usually present at birth, but your child may not show symptoms until later in life, usually around ages 9 to 16. Children with a tarsal coalition display the following symptoms


 Limp when walking


 Experience stiffness around the ankle and has decreased range of motion


 Tired legs


 Muscle spasms in the legs


 Flatfoot can be present in one or both feet


An x-ray and advanced imaging studies may be required to fully evaluate the condition before treatment is made. The goal of treatment is to reduce pain in your child’s foot. Our physicians at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc will take a conservative approach first by offering


 Physical therapy to increase range of motion


Custom orthotic devices to stabilize the foot and relieve pain


 Immobilization to remove stress from the foot and allow painful areas to rest


 Oral medication to reduce pain and inflammation


 Steroid injections to reduce pain and inflammation


If pain persists with conservative treatment, surgical intervention may be needed.


Dr. Dardashti

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