Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

PRP is the use of the body’s own concentrate of platelet rich plasma protein derived from whole blood. The process is simple and requires a small vial of the patient’s own blood. This is centrifuged down to remove other blood cells to focus on the platelets of our own blood. The platelet rich plasma is then taken and injected into the area of symptoms. This could be a joint, a ligament or tendon.  This treatment is now widely accepted and is used in professional athlete’s as a more holistic approach to treating over use syndromes and pain. The treatment is much safer that oral and injectable medications.


  • Chronic Tendon injuries
  • Acute ligamentous injuries
  • Arthritic joints
  • Surgical sites to promote faster healing and decrease scar tissue formation
  • Fresh fractures

Please call us for a consultation on your current problem area to see if PRP treatment is an option for you. Our highly trained and skilled surgeons can assist you in making an educated decision on your care.