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    • Frankie D.

      Frankie D.

      I visited Dr. Dardashti on regards to a ingrown toe nail. The staff was great and very friendly, Dr. Dardashti did a GREAT job removing the nail. He explained what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. There were no surprises and it took less than 10 min. He sent me home with instructions on how clean the area and help it heal.

      I then followed up 1 week later, pain free and feeling great. The staff and the doctor again-very welcoming and was on my way home in less than 5 min. I definitely recommend Dr. Dardashti and his staff.
    • Billy D.

      Billy D.

      Dr. Nejad is absolutely wonderful. He has excellent bedside manner, is very personable and is an excellent doctor. My dad originally saw him almost every week at Olympia Wound Care Center, and although he had to have his leg amputated due to a diabetic infection, Dr. Nejad probably allowed my dad to have his foot for a lot longer then he should have. He has done a number of surgeries, procedures and checkups on my father and he has been nothing short of excellent. Even with the complications we had with our medical group and other doctors, Dr. Nejad worked through it and never complained.

      Go see him, you or your family member won't regret it.
    • J B.

      J B.

      I had an ingrown toenail that needed fixing. Dr Nejad did a great job.  Good bedside manor and my toe is now fine.  For him it was so routine and easy it made me feel better especially as a needle is involved to numb the area.
    • Aida S.

      Aida S.

      I have a very good experience with Dr Cyrus Sircar , he took the extra time to check my foot & discuss the issue etc...
      The office staff are very nice & helpful.
    • Jeanne W.

      Jeanne W.

      I had a good experiencing seeing Dr Nejad for the first time last week.  I didn't have to wait to be seen and the paperwork thus far has been simple.  The staff is friendly and easy to work with.  

      The only recommendation I would give is to have a bathroom in the office.  It's a pain to have to leave the floor to find a bathroom, especially one that isn't clean.
    • Matt S.

      Matt S.

      One of the friendliest doctors I've ever been to!  Gave me a super fast diagnosis and had me healed in no time. Wouldn't recommend anyone else!
    • Brandon R.

      Brandon R.

      Got referred here by my primary and they were able to see me within a week. Dr. Dardashti was able to remove both ingrown toenails on both big toes and I was in and out within the hour. Excellent receptionists and nurses and the doctor had a great sense of humor. Definitely coming here again for any podiatry problems!
    • joyce g.

      joyce g.

      We got hooked up with Dr D thru Olympia Med Ctr over a year ago for my dad. We've found this office to be very accommodating in arranging for home healthcare, which can be really tricky to navigate at first. The doc has made himself accessible at all hours to answer any questions and to continually monitor a stubborn infection, all in an effort to keep my dad out of the hospital and at home. The staff works really hard and they all work together harmoniously. We have been extremely satisfied.
    • Kelli S.

      Kelli S.

      Dr. Nejad and his team are amazing! I broke my ankle zip lining in an indoor playground (not the best idea in retrospect) and this crew did an incredible job! Both only did they are me immediately, the care was superb! The doctor took so much time with me and explained every detail of my injury. He went through my options in great detail. He recommended no surgery with reasons that made great sense to me. His follow up was fantastic. I never felt alone or not confident in my recovery. His entire staff is warm and friendly. I highly recommend Dr nejad and his team! I hope to never have another injury, but if I do, I would not hesitate to return to them!
      Thank you Dr. nejad and team! I don't know what I would have done without you!
    • Brian H.

      Brian H.

      I can't say enough about Dr. Dardashti and the entire staff.  They gave me options and explained them and recovery time.  They were professional, helpful and humorous.  I would definitely recommend the office to anyone having foot surgery.
    • Evan L.

      Evan L.

      I am actually surprised to read any negative reviews, although my dealings were exclusively with Dr. Nejad so I cannot comment on any other doctors in the practice.  I went in for a torn plantar fascia tendon in my foot Dr. Nejad was terrific, professional and had a great "bedside manner".  He was extremely responsive to all of my questions after I left the office and I am well on my way to full recovery.  They staff was very friendly and efficient and would go back there in a second if I needed any help with my feet or ankles.
    • Rita C.

      Rita C.

      After a freak accident and getting a piece of glass stuck in my foot, so happy I found Dr Dardashti. I had to have outpatient surgery to have it removed and he was very kind and thorough in explaining everything that will happen. I knew I was in great hands. He called me at home after to make sure I was feeling fine. I hope I never have a piece of glass in my foot again, but if I do, there is nowhere else I would rather go to have it taken care of. Best foot doctor in town!! Thank Dr D!
    • Kelley D.

      Kelley D.

      Dr. Nejad.....patient, kind, professional,  exceptional office side manner. The staff, exceptional, especially Rosa. Rosa, takes the edge off, kind, down to earth, makes you feel at home. The other 2 ladies were leaving to go to the field.....nursing homes etc...I was impressed and thanked them for giving back. Will post again after my surgery....I might not like them then....lmao. Thank you Dr. Nejad n team for what you do.
    • Dred T.

      Dred T.

      Got referred here by my primary and it was one of the best things that happen to me...
      Had bad pain in my big toe for a little over a year. Come to find out it was a tumor in my Big Toe.. Dr. Nejad went in and removed so smooth it was like he never did it.. He's also a really cool person.. Really easy to talk too and he's straight to the point. The Staff is also great really friendly and FUN!! Would recommend if needed!!!
    • Chris L.

      Chris L.

      Dr. Nejad was very accommodating to my needs and went the extra mile to ensure that the procedure was done as painlessly as possible.  Each plan of care is unique to each patient, and I was no exception.  I will certainly come back!
    • Steve F.

      Steve F.

      Dr. Nejad was extremely professional. Their new office is amazing. Very clean and technologically savvy. The office staff was extremely helpful and caring. They even followed up after the appointment to make sure that I was feeling better. I would highly recommend this doctor.
    • Edie W.

      Edie W.

      Wonderful, friendly, personable staff. Great service. I was in good hands and enjoyed the visit.
    • Angela R.

      Angela R.

      I am very active and I have had foot problems for the past two years. My general physician told me to slow down on my workout and the podiatrist that I was sent to misdiagnosed the problem. . I changed to a new primary care physician who referred me to Dr. Nejad at Foot & Ankle Doctors, Inc. When I met Dr. Nejad, my first impression was that he was knowledgeable, kind, and interested in making sure that I understood my diagnosis. He explained the issues I was facing and my options. I decided to schedule surgery and had both of my hammertoes done. The week before my surgery, I started to get nervous and I asked the office to have the doctor contact me to answer my questions before I had my last pre-op appointment. Dr Nejad phoned me and couldn't have been nicer. He was patient, he answered all of my questions and I knew that I had made a good decision.

      My surgery went well and I had no issues. I went back and Dr. Nejad took out my stitches and gave me additional instructions. It is almost 5 weeks after the fact and I am healing nicely.  Dr. Nejad is truly a skilled physician that knows his business. My only regret is that I did not meet him sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Nejad for anyone who has foot issues. Dr Nejad is an experienced foot doctor, a fantastic surgeon and I appreciate his expertise and his bedside manner.
    • Colin N.

      Colin N.

      Dr. Nejad and his team are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They really care about their patients. Whether it is for more of a minor foot issue or a complex surgery, I would recommend to anyone.
    • Nicole A.

      Nicole A.

      I called my PCP and asked for a referral to a foot and ankle doctor and that same day they called me. They were very pleasant over the phone and even emailed me my appointment time and directions. When I went for my appointment, every single person I met was kind and helpful. They're also very friendly and have a good sense of humor when I was feeling a bit anxious about the procedure. Dr. Dardashti was very informative during the procedure. He was funny and definitely made my nerves ease up due to his friendliness. This whole staff is wonderful and I'm glad I was able to work so efficiently with them for my procedure.
    • Raziella R.

      Raziella R.

      Best place I have been so far regarding my ankle and foot problems. Very warm, educated, and friendly. The Dr. knew what my problem is and how to resolve it right away. Will definitely come back and stay with them!
    • Sanaz G.

      Sanaz G.

      I want to thank Dr. Dardashti for his expertise in his field.  He took alot of time to meet with me to help me with my diagnosis as to where other doctors treated me like i was a fast food resturant.  After many years of pain and injections i was finally diagnosed with a heal spur syndrome.  Dr Dardashti recommended  shoe orthotics and special excercises to stretch my heal.  I feel a thousand times better and i thank him for giving my feet back with honesty and true sympathy for his patients.  I cant believe i spent all those years at various foot doctors being injected with shots for no reason. Thank you Dr Dardashti !
      Happy Feet !  🙂
    • Youdont I.

      Youdont I.

      Took the little one (3yrs old) to see Dr. Nejad. This was a very easy place to find with the help of my navigation system lol... I parked in the lot which read public parking Paid $12 and NO they Do Not VALIDATE. The office and the staff was nice and friendly. Seeing Dr. Nejad for the first time was very warm, he listened he asked questions and he was very concerned about the concerns we had about the little ones feet and ankles. Long story short the Dr and I are on our way of correcting the problem it might take sometime but, it will get done.... If you decide to visit this office you will be pleased...
    • Craig K.

      Craig K.

      This is the most welcomed I have ever felt in a Doctor's office. Going see a Podiatrist is not like being excited to get elective plastic Surgery... The ladies in the front office are fantastic. Dr. Dardashti was courteous, helpful and made me feel at ease.
    • Andrea C.

      Andrea C.

      Dr David Darshati is the best foot doctor in Beverly Hills, CA.  He is very professional and care for his patients. My plantar faciitis is cured. I totally recommend him!
    • Mariela M.

      Mariela M.

      Dr. Dardashti is a great doctor.  He took his time and answered all my questions, he never rushed and showed genuine concern.  His staff is amazing!  Rosa helped me with paperwork and she was great at guiding me through the disability process, she is very quick and efficient.  

      I definitely recommend them to anyone with foot or ankle injuries.
    • Nicholas F.

      Nicholas F.

      We reviewed excellent customer service as soon as we walked through the door. The ladies at the front desk were friendly and helpful. Dr. David is a pleasure to talk to and always willing to listen and explain solutions for every question I asked. Thanks for your help. Definitely recommend this place. Knowledgable employees  and comfortable environment in Beverly Hills, CA.
    • Nicole W.

      Nicole W.

      Dr. David Dardashti is very professional and took his time explaining the problem and what needs to be done. Almost no waiting  in the waiting room   The staff was very kind and efficient.
    • Nicole P.

      Nicole P.

      Dr. Dardashti is an absolute awesome doctor and to boot has a great personality and bedside manner. He took the time with me to explain my condition as well as the causes and effects of that condition.  Something other doctors rarely, if ever, do.  I had a painful bunion on one foot and an inflamed tendon on another.  Walking on either foot was extremely painful.  Dr. Dardashti performed surgery on the bunion.  Everything everyone had warned me about being extremely painful was wrong.  He did such an awesome job.  My foot looks beautiful with a surgical scar that is barely noticeable.  Dr. Dardashti gave me a laser treatment for my tendon that was miraculous.  I couldn't believe that I was pain free in just a couple of weeks when I had to walk on crutches months before because of the pain. I;m taking my five year old flatfoot son to him next for orthotics. Several friends have already asked me for his contact info.  He's great and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a podiatriest!  I forgot to mention that I had surgery on New Years Eve so that I wouldn't have to pay for the surgery without any of my deductible being used in the beginning of the year.  What doctor wants to do surgery on New Years Eve if he doesn't have to?  He was so considerate of me not to have to spend extra money.  Dr. Dardashti called me the day after surgery to see how I was doing too.  What a great doctor.
    • Sara K.

      Sara K.

      Dr Nejad and his staff are so attentive and wonderful!! Highly recommend him!! He is very knowledgable and had amazing bedside manners!  I needed to see him as I had thought I had broken my ankle...his office staff gave me an appointment right away...thank you Dr Nejad for your superior service!!!
    • Dorothy T.

      Dorothy T.

      I called Dr Nejad's office to seek medical advise as my mother was literally crying because of severe foot pain, she could not bear it any longer. Dr Nejad returned the call within 5 minutes, he was sympathetic and allowed me to bring mom in as a special add-on.  The office staff was also courteous and accommodating.

      I work in a surgical center and we have very high standards, for me to rate Dr Nejad 5 stars, I truly believe it both personally and professionally.  It is just wonderful to know that he genuinely cares and goes out of his way to make his patient feel good again.  What a blessing!

      Dorothy (Beverly Hills, California)
    • Amy B.

      Amy B.

      I was referred to Dr. Nejad after a visit to Urgent Care. I was concerned initially because he was out of network for me. I found him to be incredibly nice and accommodating. I will definitely return if I have another foot issue.
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