Cartilage Replacement for Big Toe Joint Arthritis

There are many individuals who suffer from pain in their big toe joint. Many believe it is a bunion and do not know the real reason why they are having pain. They feel that “Bunion” surgery  would be too painful and don’t wish to deal with the recovery. What those people do not know is that they may have a progressive arthritic condition which may require a larger more debilitating surgery down the line if they do not treat their current condition as it presents today. The condition can be diagnosed with a simple x-ray in our office and with our advanced digital x-ray system, we can show the patient exactly where the problem lies. If the patient does have an arthritic big toe joint, then there are new current ways of treating this issue with cartilage replacement, which would preserve the joint, so that a fusion could be avoided. Cartilage replacement surgery has clinical data to support its success and is gaining traction compared to tradition joint clean out surgery, decompression surgery, joint replacement surgery and the nasty fusion of the joint.  Come in for a consultation and x-ray so our expert physicians can evaluate your condition and discuss your treatment options.